Conservation Missions

The primary Role of Earthrace-2 is to continue and extend our missions in Conservation, supporting Government Enforcement Agencies and NGOs in many of the hardest hit areas. This generally involves countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas that lack resource to fully tackle what are often challenging problems. Areas we work on are Fisheries Enforcement, Anit-Poaching, Anti-Wildlife Trafficking, Habitat Destruction and Animal Welfare.

The goals of campaigns are multi-faceted and include the following:

* Capture criminals involved in Environmental Crimes
* Handing over of evidence to facilitate successful prosecution
* Training of Local Enforcement Units to improve their effectiveness
* Improve governmental understanding of environmental crime.

A few of our Successful Missions

* 7 Fishing Vessels caught Fishing Illegally in Marine Reserve (Cocos Is)
* Trawler caught illegally fishing in Marine Protected Area (Costa Rica)
* Various Vessels caught illegally fishing in Coral Triangle (Philippines)
* Exposing the Dynamite and Cyanide Fishing Industry (Palawan)
* Closing of 2 Illegal Gold Mining Operations (Corcovado National Park)
* Closing of 2 Illegal Wildlife Smuggling Rings (Philippines)
* Exposing 2 Illegal Logging Operations (South Sumatra)
* Caught various parties illegally harvesting Sea Turtles or Turtle Eggs
* Surveillance and Tracking of Poachers and destruction of Illegal Snares
* Exposing the Seal Clubbing Industry (Namibia)
* Successful Capture, Rehabilitation and Release of an Illegally held Dolphin

The New Spinoff TV Series

Our team has a TV Series “The Operatives” that has run for 2 seasons, and has aired in around 20 countries. We are in development of Spinoff TV show to be based on the new boat. This will document the various missions our teams undertake with Enforcement Agencies and NGOs, but will also document the journeys the vessel and her crew undertake. It will have a softer edge than “The Operatives”, and will be targeted at a wider demographic audience.

Post Production will be done in the On-Board editing suite. At this stage we envisage using our own production team as for “The Operatives”, however we are also considering partnering with a another Production Company. Crew will also produce daily material to dissmeinate through our various Social Media channels.

The New Spinoff TV Series

Our team has a TV Series